Admission Process

New students must complete steps 1-6. Returning students must complete only step 6.

1. Observation

Interested parents are required to tour and observe the classrooms of interest before making application for their child(ren). The Montessori classroom is a unique environment and the best way to get to know the school and learn about the Montessori educational philosophy is to tour the school and observe the children at work.

2. Application

Interested parents are to fill an Intent to Enroll form

Application for admission to Awesome Childhood Royal Montessori School is made by completing the appropriate Infant/Toddler Community or Children House application form. Interested families are encouraged to call the office for admission information.

Upon remission of the application, Parents will also be asked to answer a set of questions so that the school may get to know their child better. When these materials have been received, a teacher will call to set up an appointment for an interview and a student visit (Toddler  Community&Children House).

3. Parent / Teacher Interview

The interview session is an informal way for prospective parents and the school representative to become acquainted with each other and to exchange pertinent information about the school and the child. It is also a time for parents to ask any questions that they might have about the school, its curriculum, or its policies and procedures. This also help to ascertain that goals and expectations between the school and prospective family align.

4. Student Visit

Toddler Community candidate will have a brief (20-30 minute) classroom observation with a teacher. Candidates for Children House will be assessed as they work one on one with a teacher for a short time.

If the decision to offer admission is made, parent will pay the Registration fee & Security deposit to collect the application packet

5. Admission/Placement

A notification letter will be sent as soon as possible after the admission decision has been made.

Children may be offered admission into a particular class in accordance with the priority rules given in the above stated Admission Policy:


1.       Admission will be granted based on an evaluation of the child’s school visit, and the needs of existing classes with regard to balance of age and sex.

Denial of Admission

If after the complete application process, the teacher and Head of the School do not believe that Awesome Childhood Royal Montessori School is the optimum environment for your child; your child will not be granted admission to the school. We realize that every child is unique and has specific needs. In some cases, we may not be able to address the needs of your child. In this case, we will try to recommend some educational alternatives.

6. Acceptance of Placement and Registration

Acceptance of placement in the Awesome Childhood Royal Montessori School class stated on your Admission letter is confirmed by the submission of a completed, signed, and dated Tuition Agreement and payment of a non-refundable registration fee.

Please note: the Toddler Community/Children House/Elementary Tuition Agreement is a full-year contract.

Upon receipt of full Registration fee and Security Deposit you will get an admission packet and confirmation that the school has reserved a place for your child at Awesome Childhood Royal Montessori School.

In order to complete registration of your child at Awesome Childhood Royal Montessori School, you must pay the tuition fee, complete an enrollment form and submit all health information required by the school. These forms will be sent to you upon receipt of your tuition contract and must be on file in the school office by the first day of school in order for your child to attend. No student is considered registered in the school and ensured a placement until full payment is confirmed.

Tuition contracts, enrollment, and health forms are also available in the school office.

Each child is required to get a certified medical report form a designated Medical Institute. ( more information from front office


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