Toddler Community

Toddler Community 1 ½  -  3yrs   
Our Montessori Toddler environment is carefully prepared to aid the toddler in achieving independence. Children who are now comfortably walking leave the nest and move to a space that fits their growing physical needs.
 There is, minimal furniture, tiled floors, maximum practical life area, and defined spaces to challenge the coordination of movement.
A toddler toileting area encourages beginning training and bathroom independence when your child is ready.
At this stage, we stress social interaction with other children, development of language and practical life skills, music and movement activities.
The curriculum also includes activities that allow the young children to develop fine and gross motor coordination and visual discrimination through the senses and learning materials. This curriculum prepares the toddler for advancement to the Children House(3-6) class.
 This structure helps to develop confidence as they learn how to hang up their own coat, pour their own water, and clean up their own spills. A growing conviction of “I can do it” grows within the child as they explore their learning environment and engage with a wide range of educational materials designed just for them.
Children must be walking to enroll in this program.
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Toddler Community

Toddler Community 1 ½  -  3yrs                  Our Montessori Toddler environment is carefully prepared to aid t
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